Synthetic Rugs vs Cowhide Rugs: Which Is The Best?

Choosing a rug for your home is not an easy task. Not only do you want your rug to be a key décor piece, but you also want it to last. Rugs aren’t cheap, so take time in choosing the right one for you. Will you go with a synthetic material or a more natural cowhide rug? Let’s look at the pros and cons of each.

Pros of Synthetic Rugs

One advantage of synthetic rugs is that they come in many styles and designs. It can also be easier to find the right shape and size of synthetic material to fit a certain space. If you’re trying to fully cover a room, or if you need a very specific rug shape and size, synthetic materials may be the more logical choice for you.

Additionally, some synthetic rugs clean better than natural cowhide rugs because they can be submerged in water . Also, you can find materials that are mold resistant , making synthetic rugs a good choice for spaces in your home that are likely to get wet.

Pros of Synthetic Materials

One advantage of synthetic rugs is that they come in many styles and designs.

Cons of Synthetic Rugs

The most common complaint about synthetic rugs is that they show their age. Many man-made rugs resist stains poorly, show scuffs and abrasions, and wear down over time. Having your rug regularly cleaned by a professional company can extend its life. But when all is said and done, rugs and carpets in heavy traffic areas will always show some wear as they age.

Pros of Natural Cowhide Rugs

This leather hide rug is made of natural cowhide that is soft and comfortable to walk on. It is a great addition to any room in your home that could benefit from more comfort under foot.
The tops are not cut into pieces, so you will never come across jagged edges of hair, which often happen with synthetic rugs.
Cowhide rugs work great as area rugs for both indoors and outdoors or even for furniture and accent areas in the house. You will find this product being used all over the place, from cafes to offices, homes and even hotels.
This cowhide rug can be used as a beach blanket or a picnic blanket, because it is made of natural material so it can withstand water without damage.

Cons of Natural Cowhide Rugs

Do not use any chemicals or cleaners on your cowhide rug. It can cause the leather to react and then begin to fall apart over time. You should also stay away from a lot of water — excess water will make your cowhide rugs fade. However, you should be able to saturate your rug with water from time to time – just don’t saturate it too much. Avoid overly damp areas like bathrooms or other locations where there is a lot of moisture.

Wherever possible, keep the outdoors off of your cowhide rug. It will cause it to lose its sheen and color faster than if you kept it in a dry location with nothing hanging onto it.