Top 5 Unexpected Materials for DIY Furniture

Top 5 Unexpected Materials for DIY Furniture

Have you ever thought of using these materials for your home design?


The blog post will include 5 different types of materials that may be unexpected for domestic furniture. It will include the materials, what they are good for! 


Cloth is another great flexible material that is used on many different things, such as:


  • cushions;
  • rugs;
  • bedding;
  • all sorts of covers.


Cloth is commonly used as a chair cushion because it provides comfort and durability. 


Cloth could also be made into a rug to make the floor more comfortable or to add color to any room of the house. Another way cloth could be used for furniture is if you had a bubble couch; the cloth could be made into an exterior shell for the cushion.


Cork is a very lightweight material that works great on many different things. Cork is a low maintenance material that can be manufactured into many different things, including pillows and floor mats. 


One great thing about cork is that it can be used in places where the temperature changes, such as the floor, or chairs. Something else to consider with cork is how easy they are to replace if they get damaged, which makes it great for outdoor furniture like benches.


Aspen is a great material for chairs and also for bedding. Aspen seems to be a popular choice for furniture because of its low price and high durability. 


Unlike other materials that can be damaged by water, aspen can be submerged in water very easily. As long as it gets dried out quickly, there is no chance that the aspen will be damaged.


Cotton is a great cotton material because it can be used on everything: chairs, pillows, rugs, and even clothes. Cotton is also great because it can be used as padding in a cushion; it is very durable and long lasting. 


Cotton is affordable and portable which makes it great for furniture that will be moved often.


Bamboo is a great material for furniture because of its low price and how light the material is. Bamboo is also easy to replace because it grows very quickly. Another great thing about bamboo is that it is one of the lightest wood types out there.